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Like Leonardo Da Vinci 5 centuries ago, Leonardo Cycles is moving forward to create new technologies that will change the world for the better. Electric bikes are a low cost, convenient, flexible, zero emissions alternative vehicle.

At Leonardo Cycles we custom-build electric bikes and retrofit bikes to electric. We use high-quality parts, we will not cut corners. Our ebikes are light-weight and easy to carry. We offer bicycle frames that are specifically built for exceptional handling. Leonardo ebikes deliver superior comfort and ridability.

Leonardo Cycles is a family-owned local company, so we are able to quickly adapt to ever-changing technology. All bikes are assembled in Vallejo, CA.

Meet the Owner

“My goal was to design a bike that is electric, not a scooter that looks like a bike.”

Since he was 10 years old growing up in Tuscany, Italy, Simone was modifying and customizing bicycles for his friends and himself. He put his first motor on a bike at age 11. As he got older, he was working on cars, and eventually worked as an auto mechanic. He graduated university with a degree in aerospace engineering.

When the recession began and gas prices soared, Simone started thinking of a new sustainable model of living, in particular, alternative transportation. He envisioned a world where we don’t waste our resources. He thought back to his old days, when the bike was the most efficient and lightest form of transportation.

In 2008 Simone was building gas-powered bikes waiting for batteries to improve. Around 2013 when the long-range lithium-ion batteries came out he seized his opportunity. Since then, he’s been custom building electric cycles. Simone believes that electric cycles and related lightweight vehicles will become a commodity in the near future. He wants to promote the use of a more efficient and cost effective means of transportation for the 21st century.

We see electric bicycles as a vehicle from the past, for the future.

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